Unlock Your Business's Full Potential with the 80/20 Rule

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Transform your productivity and achieve significant growth by focusing on the vital few projects (80/20) that drive the majority of your results.


Startup Founders, Business Owners, And Corporate Escape-Artists...

The Problem: Overwhelming And Underperforming?

Are Hidden Roadblocks Stopping Your Success?

In today’s fast-paced business world, many feel overwhelmed and unfulfilled, caught in a cycle of endless tasks that yield minimal results. Corporate professionals (grinding the 9 to 5 and/or seeking entrepreneurship), startup founders, and SMB owners alike struggle with stress, lack of clarity, and the frustration of seeing little growth despite their hard work. This constant pressure leaves you drained and questioning your path to success.
Can you relate?
0 %

of entrepreneurs report experiencing mental health issues

0 %

of entrepreneurs suffer from sleep deprivation due to stress

0 %

take vacations, and even then, 67% check in on work daily

Our Clients Are Ready To Take Action

Our Ideal Clients Are Change Makers

Our ideal clients are dedicated to making the world a better place; we exclusively work with companies committed to positive global impact. Together, we drive meaningful change.

Corporate Escape-Artist

You’re looking to leave your full-time job and start a freelance consulting or entrepreneurial venture.

You want to achieve significant results with minimal effort using proven strategies.

Startup Founders

You’re aiming to maximize productivity and growth with a lean team. It also might just be you.

You need to optimize your operations and marketing efforts to achieve more with fewer resources.

Business Owners

You’re seeking ways to streamline your business processes and marketing strategies.

You want to grow your business efficiently by focusing on high-impact activities.

Do You Want To Break free from The Status Quo?

At The Project Shaman, we believe that a few targeted projects can create a massive impact. By leveraging the 80/20 rule, you can transform your business and reclaim your time. Together, we can unlock the hidden potential within your operations, allowing you to achieve more with less effort.

Let’s turn frustration into focus and stress into success!

The Solution: Optimize Using Proven High-Impact Projects

Achieve Maximum Impact with Minimal Effort Using the 80/20 Rule

We understand the frustration of feeling overwhelmed and underperforming despite your hard work. At The Project Shaman, we’ve mastered the art of leveraging the 80/20 rule (known in the scientific community as Pareto’s Principle) to help you focus on the 1% actions that yield 50% results.

Our proven path, grounded in the fractal nature of the 80/20 rule, empowers you to optimize your efforts and unlock your business’s full potential. With our guidance, you’ll transform your productivity and see exponential growth without the burnout.

Key Statistics from the 80/20 rule

Sales Efficiency
0 %

of a company's sales typically come from just 20% of its customers.

Productivity Gains
0 %

of the Tasks at a Business Often Produce 80% of Their Productivity.

Marketing ROI
0 %

of conversions often result from 20% of marketing campaigns.

Operational Impact​
0 %

of business's processes produce 80% of the results Within The Company.

Revenue Distribution​
0 %

of a company’s revenue comes from 20% of its products or services.

Why Choose The Project Shaman?

Unlock Your Business's Full Potential with Our Proven 80/20 Strategies

Our method empowers you to focus on high-impact activities, develop tailored strategies aligned with your specific goals, and continuously improve through iterative optimization. By following this approach, you can streamline your efforts, maximize success, and refine processes for even greater results over time.

Focused 80/20 Analysis

Identify and prioritize high-impact activities.
By honing in on the 20% of actions that drive 80% of your results, you can streamline your efforts and achieve greater effectiveness.

Personalized Action Plans

Tailored strategies for your unique business needs. Customized plans ensure that every action you take is aligned with your specific goals, maximizing your chances of success.

Ongoing 80/20 Improvement

Continuous improvement through iterative optimization. Ensure that you are consistently refining your processes to achieve even greater results over time.

Expert Guidance and Support

Access to experienced professionals. Our team of experts provides ongoing support to help you navigate challenges and seize 80/20 opportunities in your business.

Comprehensive Training Programs

Equip yourself with essential skills. Our training programs empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to implement effective strategies and achieve sustainable growth.

80/20 Optimization Services That Suit Your Needs

4 Ways We Optimize Your Sales & Marketing

Done-For-You (Implementation)

We handle everything, delivering tailored 80/20 solutions for exponential growth.

Done-With-You (Support)

Collaborate with 80/20 experts to achieve sustainable success together.

Group Training (Co-Horts)

Join co-horts and propel your business alongside peers by working on a focused 80/20 project.

DIY Training (Classes)

Master your business journey with our comprehensive 80/20 project classes.

80/20 Projects That Actually Make A Difference

Our Optimization Services Save You Time And Effort

We optimize your digital marketing efforts by leveraging existing solutions and assets, applying the 80/20 principle, or starting anew with proven templates to maximize efficiency, ensure engagement, and drive conversions.

We enhance your sales funnel by utilizing your current resources, focusing on the most impactful elements, and implementing tried-and-tested templates to streamline the conversion process and boost engagement.

We improve your website by optimizing existing content and design, applying the 80/20 rule for the highest impact, or building from scratch using proven frameworks to ensure a robust online presence and enhance user engagement.

We refine your video process by leveraging existing footage and tools, focusing on the most effective elements, or creating new content using established templates to engage your audience effectively and drive conversions.

We optimize your event marketing by utilizing existing strategies and resources, applying the 80/20 principle for maximum impact, or developing new campaigns with proven templates to attract, engage attendees, and ensure conversions.

We streamline your martech stack by optimizing current tools, focusing on the most valuable ones, and integrating new solutions based on proven templates to enhance your marketing efforts and drive engagement.

We enhance your social media presence by leveraging existing content and strategies, applying the 80/20 rule for the best results, or starting from scratch with proven templates to build a strong online community and ensure engagement.

We optimize your marketing campaigns by using your current assets, focusing on the most impactful aspects, and employing proven templates to achieve your objectives efficiently and drive conversions.

We improve your company culture by leveraging existing practices, applying the 80/20 principle to focus on key areas, or developing new initiatives based on proven frameworks to foster a positive work environment and ensure engagement.

We help design your lifestyle by optimizing current routines and habits, focusing on the most beneficial aspects, or creating new structures using established templates to align with your personal and professional goals, ensuring sustained engagement and productivity.

We provide 80/20 optimization services that enhance your sales and marketing strategies, streamline processes, and boost engagement. By leveraging existing assets and applying the 80/20 principle, we save you time and effort while driving conversions and fostering a positive company culture.

We Offer Both Monthly and Annual Pricing Options

We have 100% Transparent Pricing.

Our 80/20 support requires a 12-month retainer. This is crucial to ensure we achieve lasting results, providing ample time for thorough training, regular reviews, and effective implementation. This extended period allows us to adapt strategies as needed, fostering continuous improvement and sustained success.

Group-Based Training
Starting Monthly at:


Join co-horts and propel your business alongside peers by working on focused 80/20 projects.

Full-Pay Option:
Only $5,000 CAD Annually
(after 20% Full-pay Discount)

Starting Monthly at:


Collaborate with us to achieve sustainable 80/20 success together. We lead the way!

Full-Pay Option:
Only $10,000 CAD Annually
(after 20% Full-pay Discount)

Starting Monthly At:


We handle everything, delivering tailored 80/20 solutions for exponential growth.

Full-Pay Option:
Only $25,000 CAD Annually
(after 20% Full-pay Discount)

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Escaping the Cubicle for Work-At-Home Freedom

Our Story on Becoming 'The Project Shaman'

Meet Phi & Unity (UniPhi). Lead Shamans.

After discovering the 80/20 rule and distilling best practice knowledge, Phi R. & Unity J. founded ‘The Project Shaman’ in 2009, which has served sales and marketing clients (B2C & B2B), focused primarily on empowering businesses to leverage video across all stages of the customer journey. Their clients range from corporate cubicle escape-artists, startup founders, and business owners, to enterprises such as Microsoft and Salesforce.

Phi R. and Unity J. lead these projects together as a creative/technical husband & wife team.

From ‘Hollywood’ to Happiness.

Phi’s past career had him working on visual effects for films/tv/ads (such as Ford, Toyota, and ‘300’) and imprisoned deep within the inner workings of advertising agencies as a full time creative. Unity’s Past Career was in Events, Marketing, Market Research, and award-winning Writing before she brought her skills to The Project Shaman.

Now They work happily from their home office in Ancaster, Ontario, With their 2 Teenage Children, 2 Golden Retrievers, And 2 Cats.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the 80/20 principle and how does it apply to my business?

The 80/20 principle, also known as the Pareto Principle, states that 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts. In business, this means identifying and focusing on the high-impact activities that drive the majority of your success. At The Project Shaman, we help you pinpoint these critical actions and optimize your strategies to achieve maximum results with minimal effort.

We offer personalized action plans tailored to your unique business needs. Whether you’re a corporate professional transitioning to freelance, a startup founder, or an SMB owner, our 80/20 analysis and fractal implementation approach ensures that every step you take is strategic and impactful. Our experts provide ongoing support to help you navigate challenges and seize opportunities for growth.

Our process is simple and effective. First, schedule a free consultation to discuss your business needs. During the consultation, we conduct a comprehensive 80/20 analysis and create a personalized action plan tailored to your goals. Finally, we work with you to implement, optimize, and continuously refine your strategies for maximum impact.

Our ideal clients are corporate professionals seeking to transition to freelance or entrepreneurial ventures, startup founders looking to maximize productivity and growth, and SMB owners aiming to optimize their business processes and marketing strategies. If you’re driven to achieve significant results with minimal effort and are open to innovative, proven strategies, The Project Shaman is the perfect partner for your business journey.

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